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Our latest success.

A successful retail website

We’ve worked with this high quality UK tool maker for some while to give them a successful retail website.

The upgraded Tool Store website now includes many new features. Better search facilities, more product options and fast, easy checkout.

Having found out what the manufacturer’s business requirements and constraints were, we designed and completed the required milestones within an agreed time scale.

It’s a reasonably large project with around 3500 retail products and a global market. Improvements and maintenance are continual as new products are developed and internet wizardry moves on.

What are you looking for?  We can talk to you about:

    • design of new website;
    • redesign of a poorly performing website;
    • specific tweaks to one which isn’t as successful as you hoped.

Our evolutionary approach will get your project up and running quickly and within budget.

Are you bogged down by the huge range of retail shopping cart packages and options available?  For over 15 years we have helped many businesses develop their online presence by solving business problems. Not selling them an expensive and irrelevant technological solution.

We don’t use confusing techno-babble and we’d rather form long-term partnerships with just a few businesses than “quick-fix-and-run” from many.

Please take a moment to look at our case studies. If there’s anything you think we can help with, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Talk to us about:

  • business analysis – identifying constraints and requirements to develop a suitable solution.
  • designing an effective website you can easily maintain yourself.
  • exporting and converting offline product data so it can be used to drive a retail website.
  • advising ways to increase on-line sales.
  • usability studies of an existing website, highlighting real and potential issues.
  • simplifying the maintenance of a website and post-sales fulfilment.
  • developing business reports so you can better understand the needs of your online audience.